Why Soap?

Why Soap?

Someone asked me, Why Soap? What made you think to begin making soap? Well, the story goes as such. It was bath time at my house and I was bathing my 2 year old and my older children were waiting to take their daily bath. The thought came as the water was running, why not make your own soap? How hard could it be?

My daughter (then 14 years old) had sensitive skin and was always breaking out from the soaps I would buy from the store.

There was only one soap that I could use on her and it was expensive. I began the research and came up with a simple soap that I made for family use only. It wasn’t until 2015 when my children’s school was hosting a craft fair fundraiser for the High School Senior Class. Out of the blue the thought came to rent a vending spot and sell soaps to help the senior class. I would donate 80% of whatever I sold to their fundraiser and keep 20%. The next thing you know I was making soaps, different shapes, styles, fragrances, etc. You would have thought I had been doing this years. Something just came over me and next thing you know I had made 200 bars of soap all by hand.

The day of the craft fair, I sold all but 10 bars of the soap I made. I was in shock but glad to raise the money for the high school seniors. A month or so went by and I saw one of the customers whom I had sold a few bars of Tea Tree soap to and his words made me think, “Hey, your soaps are great. I have eczema and after using your soap, my skin began to clear up. I would like to purchase some more, what is your website?”

I had no website, no business, no additional bars and no clue that this would even happen. I made him some bars and he became my first customer. From 2015 to 2017, I had researched everything I could on creating a business, running and maintaining it, website development, etc. I also began making soaps and asking friends and family to sample them as I began to create my brand. 2017 I incorporated my business and Dvine Dailyz was born.

Why Soap? Simple because something divine whispered in my ear back in 2010 that said “why not make your own soap?” Not everyone gets those kinds of messages from out of the blue but when you do you should listen. Divine whispers can lead to amazing things on your life journey. I’m grateful for the whispers from the Divine and grateful for all those who have and continue to help me along this beautiful journey.

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